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Protecting patient outcomes, reducing waste and costs

We’ve made amazing advances in medical knowledge over the past few decades – transforming diagnosis, treatment and recovery for so many diseases and injuries.

However, with the acceleration of medical discoveries, knowledge variability poses the greatest threat to the quality and cost efficiency of healthcare delivery. It’s now impossible for doctors, nurses or care providers to keep up with the latest understanding of disease symptoms and presentation, genomics or personalised medicine.

For example, two surgeons could have the same training, intuition and experience.

But if only one has access to the latest genomics research, only they may realise that their patient with cancer of the right colon actually has a genetic condition – Lynch Syndrome – with very different treatment protocols. With the right guidance, that surgeon can improve the outcome for that patient (further avoid incorrect surgery and cost) – and also ensure the patient’s family is genetically tested or screened regularly.

Elsevier Clinical Solutions provides that guidance. Integrated within your hospital’s electronic medical records (EMRs) and workflows, we provide Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tools based on current, credible, evidence-based content to improve quality of care, increase efficiency, reduce costs, lower risks and reduce the chance of re-admission.

Empowering health care providers through evidence-based training and guidance

Meeting the highest standards of safety and consistency is essential to the health of your patients—and your organisation. But improving decisions at the point of care requires standardised education, and that nurses, therapists and other health professionals have access to best practices and the latest evidence-based information.

With our nursing suite, you can combine the power of ClinicalKey for Nursing with Clinical Skills to provide rapid access to evidence-based knowledge, guidelines, and images while offering an engaging online learning experience and competency management for over 1,300 skills including core skills adapted for Australia and New Zealand practice.

Knowledge variability wastes time and money – and can increase the risk of injury or even death.

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