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ClinicalKey is a trusted clinical search engine updated with the latest evidence-based, peer-reviewed information. By improving accurate diagnosis and treatment speed, it can improve patient outcomes and lower the cost of care.

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ClinicalKey for Nursing provides nurses and nurse educators with the specific knowledge they need for better clinical decisions. Accessible on any mobile device, it delivers the most relevant answers quickly for any nursing scenario.

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Order Sets is a cloud-based solution that intuitively enables physicians and clinicians to write, review and manage order sets in a collaborative environment. It easily integrates into electronic health records to work within an existing workflow, and uses established terminology and order items.

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Clinical Skills provides flexible skills training for professional nurses and nursing students. Its engaging and interactive video-based demonstrations reinforce learning and ensure they have up-to-date evidence-based knowledge.

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Care Planning is an electronic health record solution that provides one patient-centred care plan across all settings and disciplines. It combines the patient’s story with more than 500 evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and standardised assessments.

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Arezzo technology is ideal for regional and national healthcare systems, providing patient-facing self-care advice through online health and symptom checkers. Health telephone helplines can also use it to provide nurse triage services. Arezzo Pathways supports primary care physicians with patient-specific care pathway recommendations based on best practice for key clinical conditions.

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Patient Engagement solutions engage, educate and empower patients with access to medical information through an interactive, patient-friendly platform for use in healthcare settings and at home.

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Clinical Pharmacology, powered by ClinicalKey, helps users make informed medication decisions. Smart Search technology quickly delivers evidence-based information to protect patient safety and increase productivity.

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STATdx is a diagnostic decision support system for radiologists. It provides instant access to the evidence-based research of credible specialists in every field of radiology.

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RADPrimer provides evidence-based education for radiologist professionals, residents and faculty so they can continue to improve diagnostic skills. It features an expert-guided curriculum and progress reporting for continued learning.

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PathPrimer is an integrated pathology resource with case studies, reference images and diagnosis solutions for both anatomic and clinical pathology. This tool helps residents, educators and physicians customise the patient experience.

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ExpertPath offers comprehensive anatomic and clinical pathology decision support, including more than 4,000 common and complex diagnoses. Written by renowned pathologists, it also provides more than 50,000 searchable pathology images and tables with summary information for organ systems.

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ImmunoQuery provides a definitive expert and evidence-based decision support system for immunohistochemistry. The ImmunoQuery database is fully referenced with abstract access and offers artifacts and pitfalls to avoid.