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Why Elsevier

At Elsevier, our focus is on improving healthcare outcomes through better clinical decisions and better quality care.

We know how important evidence-based clinical knowledge is to improve and impact care at every stage in the patient journey. So our Clinical Solutions provide current, credible Clinical Decision Support (CDS) that directly integrate into your EMRs and workflows. We are always looking to improve the return on your technology investment – and improve the performance and reputation of your hospital or practice – by making every clinical decision more accurate, efficient and productive.

Working with hospital administrators, specialist clinicians, caregivers and physicians, as well as educators and students, we’re committed to providing the latest knowledge and guidelines. Plus, by improving clinical efficiency we can help you reduce the overall cost of care – for example, by eliminating unnecessary tests or reducing re-admissions.

The result is better quality healthcare. From assessment and treatment, to patient self-care and continuing care.

Ask us how we can help improve the quality of your patient care.

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